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Ashton received a 94 ATAR after working with the high school tutors. He is now starting university next month. We are so thankful to Josh and the HS tutors.

- Justine

My daughter loves going to leaps and bounds tutoring, that says something when they want to go to learn. All the tutors are amazing and caring and Anita is such a pleasure to deal with.

- Vanessa

Leaps and Bounds were able to match a tutor for my child based on not only their academic needs but also their personality so that a rapport was built between them and their tutor in the first session. Highly recommended

- Denise

Great tutoring at leaps & bounds. My daughter is excelling in her maths thanks to the tutoring. The tutors make her feel comfortable & at ease to ask questions she is unsure about. Highly recommend

- Angela

We first met Sherie and Anita at Leaps and Bounds during 2019 and helped us they helped us identify our daughter's undiagnosed Dyslexia. They gave us a deatiled report and assessmnet which helped lead to a plan. She has now come up so much with her reading and spelling.

- Hayley

Alyssa went from Grade C to Grade A in just 6 months. She ENJOYS tutroing, that's the main thing for me

- Jenna

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