It all begins with an idea.


Since 2012, Leaps and Bounds has been equipping struggling students with the skills and confidence they need to succeed in learning. Our first student was a boy in kindergarten who had been told by his school psychologist that he would never be able to learn. However, within 8 months at Leaps and Bounds he was reading at the top of the class.

Initially, we only worked with primary students, but a couple of years later, my son Joshua brought his passion for teaching to the business and began our Secondary School Department. Not long after, one by one, tutors joined to make an impact in these kids lives. Shortly afterwards we introduced the Barton and Spelling Program to Leaps and Bounds to help students with dyslexia. We are currently the only certified centre in Western Sydney to teach the Barton Program.

It has been 12 years since we started. Though much has changed in that time, our mission hasn’t, and we hope to continue bringing kids into success for many more years to come.